B.A.D. Archive Titles ‘D’

This folder contains raw, unedited files and may contain copies of an existing file and incomplete series. The files are in alphabetical order and retain the original broadcast title. The title of the programme slot including Dangerous Visions, Drama and Drama on 3 or author may appear before the title of the actual drama, for example, Daphne Du Maurier – The Little Photographer. These files will be added to the main site once they have been edited.

Let me know if you have files to add or would like to help out with editing audio files, sourcing content information, error correktion correction or any other services that you can offer to the B.A.D. Community.

To download single or multiple files tick the title(s) and choose ‘Download Selected’
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To search for a title press ‘ctrl’+f then a search box will open. Type in the title and the title will be highlighted in the PDF.

To enlarge the PDF press ‘Ctrl’ and the + key / ‘Ctrl’ and scroll forward on the mouse wheel.

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